Charlie & Juanita

Charlie & Juanita

When you make the call to either of the two telephone numbers prominently placed on a Membership Application or the official brochure for Holliday Park, to inquire about the cooperative lifestyle, unit choices, income requirements and to find out if your list of expectations for this unique and affordable housing alternative will be met; you’ll hear the enthusiastic, gracious and well informed voices of either of our very “dedicated duo”. Their genuine love for this community is obvious and contagious, and they have no agenda other than to tell you what this life offers and why it works so well for the 697 families who thrive here.

Why take these calls, often daily, for more than 6 years and also be part of the gregarious Saturday Greeter’s Group? Both members of this team have lived in and loved the community since the late 1990’s. They have large families, many friends, commitments and yes, a YOLO List just like you and me. However, they have both witnessed the economic need that is met by cooperative living for people with diverse housing requirements and the benefits which members receive when choosing this landlord and mortgage free home.

Our tiny lady member of this duo greets each inquiry with diligence and the kind of warmth that doesn’t try to hide her joy at the prospect of sharing a lifestyle that offers security, social interaction, travel, and much more. She not only assists by phone but has often met with prospective applicants at the clubhouse during the week, to take them step-by-step through the application process. She also serves on the Membership Committee, assists with the printing of the Status Quo Newsletter and often is in charge of the annual elections for the Board of Directors.

The gentleman half of this duo, who also takes these calls, understands that the term “housing cooperative” needs to be defined concisely in order to illustrate that savvy consumers can stretch each dollar in ways not possible when a mortgage is undertaken, or a rental lease has been signed and funds have literally been given away. This former real estate businessman knows finance and the imperfections of the housing market. He has prudently invested his dollars in a mortgage free corporation and his sound judgment and respect for each person’s privacy earn him the respect of everyone he meets. A fabulous sense of humor and great people skills give everyone who reaches out for information all the facts and a hint at the fun that is to be expected at HP.

Facebook wants us to share imagery. Here are two faces, two amazing partners who are for us a very priceless dedicated duo. Although they do not wish praise, thank you, nor any kind of notoriety, they have allowed us to tell and show you that your interest is valued by the cooperative and that your questions will be answered fully with the intent to represent all that is offered by the cooperative lifestyle.