cherished footprints in the winter snow

cherished footprints in the winter snow

On those pewter mornings that are “winter” here in Michigan, our physicality is tested as we persevere with the process of embracing life. All around us a “white quilt” covers the landscape. It is quite magical when the early darkness allows the twinkling star light to shine down upon bare branches, roof tops steaming with the heat from within and the tracks of footsteps left by people we cherish which are everywhere.

If you’d like to take a peak inside the mind-set of “winterized” Holliday Park residents (two of many I might add with a “cheeky grin”) then please scroll down to read…”Contented Member Views – In Defense of Winter” and “Winter – Holliday Park Style” to find out what we do, how we celebrate with whimsy and what it is about this lifestyle that makes even the meekest of souls feel snug, unburdened and ready to spread the word about this wondrous, woodsy setting that makes it so contagious!


This morning I looked out and saw a white powdery substance covering our community. I wish I could say it was a surprise, but since it was coming down when I went to bed, there was no reason not to suspect that it would still be there in the morning. Now, you ask, why someone would write about snow covering Southern Michigan? After all, this is the “Winter Wonderland”, the frosty state of Michigan. Well, this blog is not about winter in Michigan. It is, rather, about winter in Holliday Park.

My wife and I have had the honor of living in 2 different areas of Holliday Park. For the first 7 ½ years, we were privileged to live in parking lot 20. For most of that time both my wife and I worked. Each time it snowed, while we were at work. We were very pleasantly surprised to come home and find our sidewalks cleared up to our front door. I thought we had the best neighbors that we could ever experience. We became quite close to most of our neighbors, and were proud to call them friends.

Recently, my wife and I were offered the opportunity to move to a larger unit, but in a completely different part of Holliday Park. We accepted the opportunity, and moved to parking lot 7. It was mid-October, and we were afraid that we would not have much of a chance to meet our new neighbors before winter reared its daunting head. As has happened numerous times in my life, I was wrong. It seems that in Holliday Park, it does not matter how well you are acquainted; they are still always there to help you out.

My wife and I have always prided ourselves in being good neighbors, but here, it seems that everyone has the same pride. I was just getting my boots on to remove myself from my recliner, and go outside and do the walks. Too late — one of my neighbors was already out there cleaning my walk. He was cleaning mine before he had even done his own.

When my wife and I decided to move into Holliday Park, we both thought it would simply be an inexpensive place to live. We were definitely correct about being inexpensive. We pay total here what our taxes and insurance were in our home. But, an unexpected benefit about living here has been our neighbors, and everyone we have met here at Holliday Park. Hopefully, we and everyone else that lives here at Holliday Park will continue being good neighbors to each other. Thanks to all for being a good neighbor to each other.

Today is just a taste of  the coming winter, and I am sure most of us are tired of it already. Last night we had the cold temperatures for the first time since spring of this year; and just had a half inch of snowfall. Most of us out and about going to work, taking the children to school and running earnad, but just walking outside, with the 25 mile per hour winds, is a bit challenging today. Luckily,  when there is measurable to appreciable amount s of snow our maintenance department does not stay indoors. Our parking lots are cleared 2 or 3 times, as well as our sidewalks. The Maintenance Crew are even forced to come in early on snow event days, work well past normal stop time, and come in for a full day on Saturday if the snowfall continues to pile up . THANK YOU TO ALL, NEIGHBORS AND  MAINTENANCE CREW FOR YOUR HARD WORK!