HP Valentine Love!

HP Valentine Love!



( Quoting numerous members who were prolific with their insights and affections)


Love…low carrying charges, always low…low…low, year after year.

Love…looking forward to more “Travelology” Travel Club adventures to new vistas and destinations, both near and far.

Love…lautitious (yummy) recipe swapping with my neighbor PS who makes the fabulous soup…what’s in there Mr. P?

Love…luxuriating at the heated pool on long, sunny summer days.

Love…lending time and enthusiastic energy to create a garden sanctuary just outside my door.

Love…lollygagging at Westland mall: conversing, bargain hunting and people watching.

Love…laughing and munching at the many “ pop-up soirees” and lot parties. (Lot 8’s are famous!)

Love…looping around the oval with family and friends on foot, bike, skates or other.

Love…little perks like covered parking, a beautiful clubhouse and Volunteer Thank You dinners.

Love…last minute invitations to share “delish” stuffed peppers with your neighbor on the bend..who always prepares just a little too much ..to share.

Love…letting Maintenance handle drips, drains, shoveling etc., for a worry-free lifestyle.

Love…lugging treasures outside to be offered at the fun and festive Walk-About Yard Sale.

Love…lamenting my constantly out-of-control back-hand shots at our tennis courts.

Love…lingering over delicious, hot coffee at Monday Koffee Klutch, or on my patio..or yours.

Love…linking up with the Westland Bus at the Clubhouse for a journey to our local Farmer’s Market.

Love…limo-like neighbors who cheerfully drive you to or from the airport at 2 a.m., or whenever (reciprocity optional), because you have a need. Thanks H!

Love…launching lofty tee shots and earning low scores (rare) but achieved with fellow Golf Club partners. Left-hander’s like A. do this very well!

Love….logging-on to read fun/informative member written blogs on our web site and comments on Facebook.

Love…languidly grilling savory foods in the picnic area to sounds of the gurgling fountain.

Love…listening to a robin’s or turtle dove’s early morning song in the neighboring nature center.

Love…living well but frugally to have more discretionary income AND savings.

Love…lighting porch lights thoughtfully for all late-to-come-home neighbors, and Community Watch..always lighting the way at night.

Love…locking in the comforting sense of truly belonging to a lively and vibrant community.

At Holliday Park the LOVE comes from enjoying the priceless simple pleasures of the human heart in abundance, while gratefully sharing comfy common spaces with other caring members.

Yes, ( WE DO) Love Livin’ Here!

Recently, I went with four other Holliday Park members to make a presentation about living in our co-op. I rode with one member while the other three went together. I have a very poor sense of direction. It is so bad that one of my sons when asked if he wants to go somewhere with me will say, “Why, so I can show you how to get there”. So it was no surprise that despite having a MapQuest printout, we discovered at one point that we were going in the wrong direction. Thank goodness we had not gone far and we had allowed a good amount of time to get there, so we were not late.

We were all a little apprehensive about speaking in front of what we had heard would be about 200 people. None of us were public speakers. We were just a group of Holliday Park members who want to get the word out about our cooperative.

Upon arrival, we met up with the other members and were shown where we should sit. Coffee and donuts were offered and we settled in to listen to the group conduct the business portion of their meeting. Then we were on. As one of the members spoke on Holliday Park, and played the DVD that shows scenes of the grounds, as well as the inside of all different units, the rest of us passed out brochures.

Our nervousness quickly disappeared because everyone was very receptive to us and many people came up to our table, after the talk, to pick up a copy of the free DVD and the applications for membership. Several wanted to know how long the waiting list was (a couple of months to a year depending on the unit you want) and did the low monthly carrying charge include all maintenance. When we answered that it did and it also included the heat, they were even more interested in cooperative living.

One woman approached us to pick up a DVD and an application for membership for her daughter who is a firefighter and thinking of buying a house. She told us that she was sure her daughter would be very interested in Holliday Park because it would free her of the maintenance that home ownership would give her. As a single woman, and a firefighter with long hours, being freed from grass cutting, and all the other responsibilities of owning a home would be very attractive.

Another person was very interested for her mother who wanted to give up her home now that all her children were gone. She didn’t want to live in an apartment because she wanted to keep some of the features of having a home. Well, I was very happy to let her know that her mother would have her own entrance, a full basement, and could decorate her unit the way she wanted. She could even have a garden with flowers or vegetables or both.

Talking about Holliday Park to people or groups is very easy. Members like recruiting others, because when you know that what you have is a great thing, it’s natural to want to share. Living is  mostly maintenance free, except for keeping your porch and the sidewalk to your unit snow free in winter; and raking leaves if you have  planted or accepted responsibility for a tree near your unit. YOU are also landlord free, with a paid-off mortgage, which is something we are very proud of.   So we say, “Come and join us!”