When you make the call to the telephone number prominently placed on a Membership Application or the official brochure for Holliday Park, to inquire about the cooperative lifestyle, unit choices, income requirements and to find out if your list of expectations for this unique and affordable housing alternative will be met; you’ll hear the enthusiastic, gracious and well informed voice of our very “dedicated staff”. The genuine love for this community is obvious and contagious, and there is no agenda other than to tell you what this life offers and why it works so well for the 694 families who thrive here.

In addition, to allow for face-to-face questions and answers, for more than 8 years we have had a gregarious and very knowledgeable volunteer committee of Saturday Greeter’s that will help educate and inform you.  This group of volunteers have lived in and loved the community for many years. They have large families, many friends, commitments and yes, a YOLO List (You Only Live Once); just like you and me. However, they also have witnessed the economic need that is met by cooperative living for people with diverse housing requirements and the benefits which members receive when choosing this landlord and mortgage free home-style.

The members of the “Saturday Greeters Committee”  greets each inquiry with diligence and our kind of warmth and joy at the prospect of sharing a lifestyle that offers security, social interaction, travel, and much more. They not only assist on Saturdays but have met with prospective applicants at the clubhouse during the week on occasion to take them step-by-step through the application process. They serve on the Membership Committee, assist with the printing of the Status Quo Newsletter and often are in charge of the annual elections for the Board of Directors.

Their fabulous sense of humor and the great people skills possessed by these Saturday Greeters gives everyone who reaches out for information all the facts and a hint at the fun that is to be expected at HP.  (Regularly scheduled between 11:00 am & 1:00 pm each Saturday at the Clubhouse)