When you make the call to the telephone number prominently placed on a Membership Application or the official brochure for Holliday Park, to inquire about the cooperative lifestyle, unit choices, income requirements and to find out if your list of expectations for this unique and affordable housing alternative will be met; you’ll hear the enthusiastic, gracious and well informed voice of our very “dedicated staff”. The genuine love for this community is obvious and contagious, and there is no agenda other than to tell you what this life offers and why it works so well for the 694 families who thrive here.

In addition, to allow for face-to-face questions and answers, for more than 8 years we have had a gregarious and very knowledgeable volunteer committee of Saturday Greeter’s that will help educate and inform you.  This group of volunteers have lived in and loved the community for many years. They have large families, many friends, commitments and yes, a YOLO List (You Only Live Once); just like you and me. However, they also have witnessed the economic need that is met by cooperative living for people with diverse housing requirements and the benefits which members receive when choosing this landlord and mortgage free home-style.

The members of the “Saturday Greeters Committee”  greets each inquiry with diligence and our kind of warmth and joy at the prospect of sharing a lifestyle that offers security, social interaction, travel, and much more. They not only assist on Saturdays but have met with prospective applicants at the clubhouse during the week on occasion to take them step-by-step through the application process. They serve on the Membership Committee, assist with the printing of the Status Quo Newsletter and often are in charge of the annual elections for the Board of Directors.

Their fabulous sense of humor and the great people skills possessed by these Saturday Greeters gives everyone who reaches out for information all the facts and a hint at the fun that is to be expected at HP.  (Regularly scheduled between 11:00 am & 1:00 pm each Saturday at the Clubhouse)


The City of Westland’s William P. Faust Public Library, just like our vital community at Holliday Park, is doing all it can to help our citizens face the challenges of these trying economic times. The library is offering a Job Seeker’s Lab and “hands-on” computer classes for the purpose of helping everyone who needs an updated resume, to learn the “how-to” creation process, by learning to use the Microsoft Word program. Day and night instructive classes are offered right now, to meet the growing needs of many who have had to re-train to meet the demands of our changing business and manufacturing sectors. Skilled librarians teach job seekers how to write and update their resume to eloquently describe their talents, job experience, and goals for the future. The presentation of your job history, great references, and an impressive list of your skills and talents can help you find the right job for a bright future.

The second part of the library’s program offers people the chance to learn to use the computer in basic ways which let you interact with the Internet Explorer browser, find job opportunities, and make contacts with many employers through such places as Monster.com job search site, as well as so many others. These sites compare salaries for different careers, and list the kinds of training you would need to qualify for whatever work you find that interests you. With careful instruction and the use of a computer, every one can learn the basics of Internet interaction by “hands-on-doing”, googling, researching and finding opportunities everywhere.

Not only can you learn word processing skills and to print and save text, format discs, and to send important information and documents to a file; you can also be taught to navigate to different web sites for the purpose of such important tasks as filing for unemployment benefits, finding job opportunities, and even sign up for on-line continuing education classes. Better yet, you can be taught how to upload your newly designed resume to the Michigan Talent Bank, and numerous other employment sites in our area, and all across the country. The skilled librarians at William P. Faust Public Library are offering this special program called “The Job Seekers Lab” right now. Call the library for more information at ( 734) 326-6123, and take advantage of the skill building tools which are offered by your community of caring citizens here in Westland.

The Saturday Greeters’ at Holliday Park care too, and have the ardent desire to let people from all over our state, know that we offer the the best economic choice anyone could be looking for in these recessionary times, or really, at any time. Our volunteer Greeters’ have rescheduled the Saturday availability time to meet the demands of those who work many hours, or several jobs, and cannot come into the office during regular weekday business hours.

Saturday Greeters’ began a few months ago, and due to the success of our efforts, we have now changed our hours to 11 a.m – 1 p.m., and these hours will be on-going for the foreseeable future. The people who come to the clubhouse as future applicants, are astounded at what we have to offer.   One by one they are finding out that we are one of the best housing alternatives in the area. Holliday Park is a #1 place to live because you purchase the outgoing member’s equity in a unit, but do not have to rent, or own and pay high taxes. Cooperative living is a great investment. Since the monthly carrying charges are so low, and include heat, many who come in to get an application, or download one from our web site, but want more information, tell us that they wish they had stopped in long ago, and joined us.

Making the application and information process available to everyone who wants to join us, on Saturdays, or during the week, is our way of letting people know that they do have a choice to be part of this caring and beautiful community, for a price that is attainable, and often without having to wait more that a few months, if that long, to be called and to pick the unit of their choice.

Westland’s Library Job Programs, and Holliday Park’s Saturday Greeters’ are two examples of our community’s willingness to assist anyone in these difficult times by making help available for their convenience. Now more than ever, it takes a village to be able to work and live well and happily. In Westland, the happiness of our residents is the responsibility of each of us, working together for progress and sustainable contentment.