Remember Our Soldiers

Remember Our Soldiers

Memorial Day 2014

As we celebrate Memorial Day on

Monday and honor the enormity of

the sacrifices made by the men

and women of our United States

Armed Services who have fought

and perished for the preservation

of liberty; we also praise and pay

tribute to those who stand in

harms way and serve daily in

conflicts around the globe.

Holliday Park’s members, many of

whom are veterans, are asking

that we all share a moment of

silence on Monday for these true

heroes and for their families who

also pay an enormous price for our




We were a typical home owner in Dearborn Heights, with a typical 3-bedroom brick home, and a basement. When the kids grew up, I was ready to move to a smaller, maintenance-free form of housing. My husband kept saying how we were making money by staying here. But, he did not pay the bills, so he really did not know.

Besides the normal cutting of the grass, the weed and feed controlling the bugs and the critters, we were also faced with buying and repairing new lawn mowers, weed whackers, tools of all sorts, weed and feed fertilizers, garden spray, new hot water heaters, plumbing, clogged sinks and toilets, furnace problems, and property taxes going up, up, up. We also had to buy snow shovels and blowers for the winter weather; and repair concrete driveway and sidewalks, or be assessed by the City for sidewalk repair.

Just about the time that I thought I could get some money together to go on a nice vacation or take a nice cruise, my husband would say: “Oh, it is time for a new roof.” There went our luxury cruise, plus, we needed still extra money needed to pay for the new roof. The heating bills kept piling up, which prohibited our going on trips.

We had been signed up at Holliday Park Towne Houses, and so, I finally put my foot down, and said: “It is time to move on.” We sold our house, and prepared to move into Holliday Park. But, before leaving our house, which we kept in good repair, the City inspectors came in and made us spend $6000 more to bring everything up to the current city codes. What a shocker.

After 10 years of living here, my husband had finally said, “Yes, this is a nice, easy, comfortable, and maintenance free place to live. I said: “And look at all the money that we have saved since we have moved into Holliday Park.” Besides, the $80,000+ that we got from our home, we have now saved an additional $250,000 — by having low maintenance costs (performed by Holliday Park employees), low property taxes; and no worries about needing a roof, furnace, hot water heater, or cutting the grass. Even the heating cost is included in our monthly carrying charges of $330.

After paying $330 a month, we can bank the rest. The $330 includes the maintenance, repairs, replacements, property taxes; heating, new roofs, furnaces, hot water tanks, and snow removal. My husband is feeling better, because he doesn’t have to do all the work connected with home ownership. We do have to keep our porches and the sidewalk to our unit”snow free” in winter, and if you have a tree, you are responsible to rake your leaves each fall. However, for  almost everything else WE JUST CALL OUR IN-HOUSE MAINTENANCE.

I have fewer worries about money, money, money going out. Yes, we did take our cruises, and we still do; and yet, our money in the bank continues to grow.

The hardest thing about moving, is making the decision to “move on”. If you reflect on your parents moving from Detroit to new surroundings, we should also be doing the same, because we are also aging. I feel very comfortable, along with my husband who now just recently retired, that we made the right move. We like the outdoor, heated swimming pool, and the freedom to do whatever we want. Holliday Park is really properly named. I call it my “Vacation Resort.”

It was a good move for us. Our kids are happier for us, because they know we are in a safe, comfortable place to live, and they will not have to be burdened or worried about helping take care of an older home in Dearborn Heights when we get old.

As we got older, we also decided to get a cleaning woman to come in to make it all the more easy on us, because we have the money and security of knowing we are living here. We are still young enough to enjoy our live, and with less worries, we will probably live longer.

Our biggest problem now, is finding enough banks with the best interest rates to see our money grow. This is my husband’s past-time now. He wants to see how fast it will grow to $450,000. This never happened when we owned a home.


No matter how you feel about the Iraq war, no matter which party you voted for, we should never say anything bad about our young people serving in the military. When the Iraq war first started, one of Holliday Park’s residents had a relative called up for active duty and sent to Iraq. Upon receiving a few e-mails from the member’s relative and asking if there was anything that he or anyone else needed to make their life a little more comfortable. The serviceman mentioned that they did not normally have electricity, but when they did, the nights were boring, with nothing to do for recreation. The service member mentioned that it would be nice if they had some movies to watch. That’s all it took.

During a dinner honoring volunteers (an annual dinner ) the member asked the board if they could put a collection box in the club house. It took off from there. The idea was accepted, and the box was put in the club house. One board member and his wife personally donated over 600 movies. Another member went out and purchased 2 full boxes of old western movies to send over. In all–the total count was forgotten–, but it was in the neighborhood of between 3500 and 4000 movies collected and sent to Iraq.

I am sure that by now you are asking what this has to do with living at Holliday Park. Living in Holliday Park is not living in a neighborhood; it is living in a community. No questions were ever asked about who the movies were going to. It was just the fact that everyone felt a desire to give. People living here even tried to contribute money to help pay for anything else our military people might need. No one asked for or expected any credit or thanks for what they were giving. Someone living here asked for contributions and the community started kicking in.

When you drive through Holliday Park you will see license plates from all branches of the military and each war. You will also see flags flying from many units. When the movies were being collected and the contributions were flowing, it made me proud to be a resident of Holliday Park and proud to be part of this community. Thank You to all the Veterans living at Holliday Park and to everyone for their contributions.