Spring Love Livin’ Here

As hard as it is not to be perpetually in love with Spring, there are always the first mud-licious and puddle friendly days of April,followed closely by splashes of bright sun and bursting buds. It’s a time of renewal and at this cooperative that means, simply stated: a time to reflect on the desirable qualifications of a Board candidate and be prepared to carefully read submitted candidate resumes which will be attached to the ballot you receive, in preparation to vote wisely for the Board of Directors the first week in May.

All “thumbs” and “expert” gardeners are doing the spring prep work required to exact stunning (or iffy) flowers, flora and maybe veggies in those spaces of self-expression created by loving hands to the delight of all.

The harsh weather leaves us grateful for this season with it’s sensory soothing prefect pairing of lingering sunlight and gentle breezes. The co-op dresses up too and greets members and visitors with a fresh beauty that energizes both those who take on the responsibility of leading the corporation to continued fiscal/structural success; and those who are stewards of the earth herein, and committed to the continued “greening of the community” we all share.

*Please see our blog “Desirable Qualities for a Board Member” and vote!

Spring Holliday Park

Spring Holliday Park

Climate change is now our reality. The warming of the earth and the melting of the glaciers has been and is happening right now. If you saw or heard about Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, it was a GLOBAL wake-up call. Mr. Gore’s work has become a SILENT BUT URGENT MISSION STATEMENT to every citizen of the world. Action MUST BE TAKEN to reduce our carbon footprint ( CO2 emissions) in every conceivable way, yes each of us, in order to repair our planet. Every person has an obligation to be a good steward their environment in order to sustain life.

The enormous relevance of that documentary, released in 2006, and, supported by the corresponding scientific research it generated, proved that the earth’s accelerated warming can only be stopped and reversed by each person’s conscience choice to make changes.

WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROBLEM, and the compilation of our current and ongoing efforts can and will exact the SOLUTION. Around the globe, people heard and got the message and those who cast doubt have been silenced.

Here at Holliday Park Towne Houses Cooperative, many members had and continue to have a keen interest in the environment. A group of them volunteered their time to clean and preserve the 500 acre nature reserve that adjoins our property. Along with the Board of Directors, members got involved to plant and maintain more sustainable and disease resistant trees, which have flourished. Many members planted and maintain gardens and lovingly tend the soil, plant bushes and ornamental trees, grow herbs and vegetables, rake clippings and volunteer to clean up trash bins, and pick up any refuse they see.

The Board, along with the Property Manager look for every kind of energy star appliances when purchasing appliances, furnaces,and water heaters. Weather stripping, windows with argon gas and steel doors help to keep each unit energy efficient. RIGHT NOW….the cooperative is making a concerted effort to be GREATER THROUGH GREENER ENHANCEMENTS!! What are these enhancements?

Since Michigan has a temperate climate with well defined seasonal changes, we experience everything from extreme cold to hot and humid weather. For this reason, and to cut down on the energy the cooperative uses,“GREEN CELLULOSE INSULATION” will be increased and blown into the attic of each of our 694 units. Two sections of units, those in Lot 7, and 8, one facing EAST and one facing WEST, were used to test the effectiveness of added eco-friendly cellulose ( made from recycled paper products) late this winter.

Insulation is rated as “thermal resistance” to heat flow…known as the R-Value. The larger the R – Value, the greater the ability to prevent the transfer of heat. The coop will improve that value from an R-19 to an R-49 which is a marked increase in the efficiency of the cooperative’s usage of the earth’s valuable energy! MORE “GREEN CELLULOSE INSULATION” is being installed into each unit’s attic in an effort to increase the R-Value………and energy efficiency.

Members in those two buildings noticed an immediate improvement in the dispersed warmed heat of the forced air furnaces that each unit had installed two years ago. All of the units have full basements and five of the unit styles are two-story. Since hot air rises, this addition of insulation keeps this air circulating and it will not escape through the attic. Over time, this added insulation will pay for itself with savings of energy dollars, and more importantly, it will take LESS ENERGY to heat or cool each unit.

On a community level, William Wild, the current Mayor of Westland, Michigan, was and is today, strongly supportive of every environmental issue facing our citizens. He initiated MISSION GREEN in 2007 and has worked diligently to bring together business owners, residents, and the City Council to find ways to use less energy, and be a more sustainable community.

A community garden has been started, Earth Day is celebrated with tree planting, a farmers market is open once a week to make healthy, fresh produce close and available for all. Tree trimming and maintenance, building better eco-friendly parks, running a curbside and drop-off recycling program, implementing systems for keeping rain run-off separated from ground water, and prohibiting the idling of any city vehicles, are just a few of the ways the mayor and city council encourage better use of all resources, a reduction of pollutants and cleaner air for us and future generations.

Holliday Park is just one pro-active community on this planet!! However, the residents herein believe in continuing the process of being GREATER THROUGH GREENER ENHANCEMENTS, and to speak of this activity, to encourage others to do the same.