Committee Meeting

Committee Meeting

The Membership Committee (MC) is an important volunteer group at Holliday Park. It plays a vital role in our community. There are currently seven Committee members with one alternate. Members who serve on this Committee are specifically chosen for their ethical standards and their consideration of others. They value the importance of confidentiality. They also realize the importance of their duties and how their decisions impact people (both members and applicants). Those who function well on this committee are persons who exercise good judgment and follow co-op policies in their own lives.

The Committee is charged with several important tasks. Applications received from those who are interested in purchasing a unit at Holliday Park are directed to the MC. The Committee members carefully review the applications for completeness and eligibility. There is group discussion for consensus. If information is missing or is unclear, the MC is responsible to obtain that information in order to make an informed and accurate decision on whether to approve or deny the applicant.

Those who apply for co-membership status must also submit their application for the same approval process through the MC. It is the responsibility of the MC members to adhere to the criteria set forth in the Membership Policy and to corporate policy. When members have a change in status (phone number, add/delete an occupant, emergency contact change, etc.) they are to complete a census form to reflect these changes. Members who request a transfer to another unit must also be approved. These forms are carefully reviewed by the MC to be certain that the members are still within the guidelines of Holliday Park’s policies.

Another important task of the MC is conflict resolution. Members with questions and complaints regarding the actions of others contact the MC in writing. Handling these issues requires a lot of sensitivity, strict adherence to policy, and an ability to see all sides of the complaint. MC members research the issues, and brainstorm for ideas on ways to resolve the problem.

Again, confidentiality is extremely important. Only the Chairperson of the MC is aware of the complainant. Sometimes a letter to the offending member will suffice. Other times a meeting is required. The Committee is charged with finding resolutions that are satisfactory to all concerned. If this is not possible, revocation of membership is discussed and an advisory letter is sent to the MC Liaison and Board Members for their consideration. The MC members realize the seriousness of this action and work hard in attempts to resolve the issues.

The work of this special committee is handled with the utmost discretion and is largely unrecognized by the general membership. MC members do not seek recognition, but are satisfied to be of selfless service to the cooperative for the overall good of the corporation and peaceful coexistence of all the members.


Membership Committee Chairperson,

What is the definition of the would “volunteer”? At the word volunteer is defined as “a person who performs a service willingly and for no pay.” At Holliday Park cooperative, the”key” to achieving a thriving and vital community, is that selfless simple noun, volunteer. We often define our volunteers as…….members of the co-operative (long time or recent) who bring their time and talents to any job which needs to be done because they fully understand the direct and positive economic impact of the service they provide.

What characteristics does a member need to possess in order to become a volunteer? Every member brings their own unique qualities to the groups which they choose to assist, such as being a good listener, having patience, a sense of humor, and a desire to assist the co-op in continuing to be solvent with a strong infrastructure. Members have their own unique life skills to share such as financial planning, computer programming experience, construction and communication skills, and being able to work as part of team. Others have ideas about organization, social interaction, and community service. Just showing up to lend a hand where it is needed is one of the integral characteristics that anyone can possess, and it is the life’s blood of a happy cooperative community due to the thousands of dollars that are saved…keeping carrying charges very low.

Reading the MEMBER HANDBOOK and becoming familiar with the Policies and Procedures of the cooperative community, is an excellent preparatory step for a good life in the community as well as for becoming a volunteer for any one of the THREE Basic Volunteer Groups: Board Member . Committee Work, and Social Club Participation.

Board Members are elected by the voting membership of the cooperative. These seven members work in tandem with the Property Manager, to ensure that the condition of each unit is held to high standards of excellence. Recently, new aluminum siding, new roofing and new furnace programs have been completed on all 694 units. Right now, eco-friendly insulation is being added to attics,which will reduce utility costs and increase temperature consistency.

The Board must assist with the crafting of each annual budget, making and enforcing policies and procedures and much more. The President chooses the chairperson for each committee. Several Board Members also are chair-persons for committees. Board Members take on an enormous challenge and commit numerous hours for FREE to help keep the cooperative moving forward in the 21st. Century.

Cooperative members who volunteer for one of the COMMITTEES, work to support the Board of Directors with the daily work of the cooperative. Each committee has a Board Liaison to ensure that policies and procedures are followed, communication flows well between these two groups, and that teamwork creates a consistently well run non-profit corporation.

The MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE processes the applications of people who wish to become members of the cooperative. Specific guidelines are followed and approved applicants are added to a Waiting List. This committee also keeps census information for each member emergency contact numbers, occupant information; and handle any changes members wish to make regarding transfers to another unit. They also assist Waiting List applicants with questions and requests.

TRAFFIC & SAFETY keeps records of vehicles and tag numbers for each parking lot. A lot representative is available to answer questions and keep unidentified cars from all parking lots in the cooperative.

Night Patrol has the most volunteers and they are scheduled on specific nights, three times a year, to patrol the community during the evening and late evening hours to identify and report to the police department any unusual activity. Every night of the year, a two-person team is patrolling to promote a safe environment.

The Pet Committee works with members to create a healthy environment for all pets. Keeping accurate registration information for every pet assures that they are being well cared for and that Pet Policies are being adhered to for everyone’s happiness.

The Status Quo Committee compiles the Board of Directors articles which address their current activities, decisions, changes in policies, announcements, future projects and much more. Co-operator-Volunteers compile and print the articles, a calendar of scheduled events, and other news which the members need to know. This method of communication works well for everyone but it’s a huge task.

Lastly, Community Watch has an excellent chairperson who encourages the entire membership to watch out for their neighbors, and be aware of their surroundings to note unusual activities in which someone may need assistance.

For volunteers who wish to enhance and enrich the lives of all the Holliday Park members through social interaction, there are SOCIAL CLUBS established for this purpose, and they always need more “hands”. Anyone can join in, and new groups are often the by-product of great ideas shared by neighbors with common interests. Travel Club, Golf Club, Card Clubs, Saturday Night Movies…all of these groups are organized and run by committed residents of the co-op.

This kind of commitment to the Holliday Park Townhouses Cooperative, and the savings of many thousands of dollars over the years, has helped to keep the community the BEST ECONOMICAL LIFE STYLE in our area. The co-op is mortgage free and fully occupied due to each member’s selfless contribution which is what VOLUNTEERS do, they give of their time for the GOOD OF THE COMMUNITY.

Status Quo Family of 50

Families have all kinds of bonding experiences. Most people do not divorce their birth families; they stick together “through thick and thin”.

The newsletter committee (called the Status Quo Committee) at Holliday Park is somewhat like such a family. The challenges for staying on this committee are not so much provided by the personalities involved, as by the necessary inanimate objects used that sometimes seem to take on a life of their own.

One committee member who self-diagnoses, says she seems to have developed a kind of psychological disorder related to the duplicating machine. She insists that the machine, in its omniscience, recognizes when she is in the room and goes into a passive-aggressive stance, refusing to perform. Sure enough, when she is on duty, all kinds of paper-jams occur, requiring much problem-solving time.

The machine has been known to blurt out ink onto the edges of pages…just as an end to printing is in site. It also jams and even slants text occasionally to make sure that the human being who is pushing its buttons, stays alert and concentrates. Therefore, we have taken to working in pairs, and when one button-pusher, becomes daunted, her partner, the paper feeder, is there to step in and switch tasks, keeping the machine challenged and under control. It is at times like these, when lasting friendships are formed.

On one occasion two complete strangers came together to step up and take on the duplicator, having never touched a $5000 machine before. Their teacher was a very special volunteer who had trained over 20 people and was very confident. She watched patiently as these two people, with trembling hands, made a master sample and began the process of printing the news letter. The sweat was viable on the flushed faces of both participants. At the end of the three hour session, those ladies felt an incredible sense of pride and empowerment. Their teacher remarked, “you two were strangers but you’re leaving here, friends.” To this day that friendship not only survives, it thrives!!

In the work repertoire of yet another Status Quo volunteer, the machine has been described as a “nibbler of corners” of the paper being fed, and not to be outwitted, this stalwart worker cleverly reverses the paper, feeding it in backwards. This brilliant technique works. We have not only clever and confident volunteers, we have courageous ones.

Our committee is not totally subject to the whims of the duplicating machine.

Mastering the electric staplers is another story. No one has yet been wounded by the harsh and sudden clamping down of the voracious pierce of this instrument, but it arouses fear, and only the most valiant agree to face it regularly. We applaud them.

There are some machine-free functions that are necessary to get out the newsletter. Many of the committee members spend at least an hour every quarter-year, walking around a long table, picking up pages to collate the old-fashioned way. Some, with more energy, do what is called a collating jog, causing an occasional arrhythmia that results in a momentary production impasse. Such a clogging up of this human machine, has a way of providing time for informative social remarks and conversation. Social pressure has its place in this process as each collator must wear a rubber fingertip cover in order to pick up just “one” sheet of paper at a time. NO ONE wants to wear the LARGE SIZE, and therefore great struggles have been known to take place, and fingertips are forced into the tiny sizes. The resulting camaraderie, coming from knowing the private likes and dislikes of all involved, is good reason to continue the jog-walk dysfunction. Over time, many volunteers who collate, large fingers or small, have gone on to plan parties, outings, trips and other activities, that have forged new traditions within this fine community.

Still others on the Status Quo Committee rest in the satisfaction that, without their physical energy and stamina, the members of our cooperative would never have the pleasure of reading this informative newsletter that contains essential information from the Board of Directors and committees that support policies and procedures of the Holliday Park Corporation.

The deliverers–the ones who are free to walk or jog without causing dysfunction– finalize the process of newsletter production, by getting it out to our consumers, the members.

This Status Quo Committee consists of fifty-plus members, who, like family, stick together (as they have always done in the past) “through thick and thin.” There is a certain kind of “glue” that comes from facing all of these challenges, every twelve weeks, throughout the year. Each individuals strengths and weaknesses, real and imagined, blend with those of their partners, and co-workers in such a harmonious and positive way that no one gives up this volunteer-position easily. There’s a waiting list of hopefuls right now, wanting to join us.

You are welcome, why not get on the list.