Committee Meeting

Committee Meeting

The Membership Committee (MC) is an important volunteer group at Holliday Park. It plays a vital role in our community. There are currently seven Committee members with one alternate. Members who serve on this Committee are specifically chosen for their ethical standards and their consideration of others. They value the importance of confidentiality. They also realize the importance of their duties and how their decisions impact people (both members and applicants). Those who function well on this committee are persons who exercise good judgment and follow co-op policies in their own lives.

The Committee is charged with several important tasks. Applications received from those who are interested in purchasing a unit at Holliday Park are directed to the MC. The Committee members carefully review the applications for completeness and eligibility. There is group discussion for consensus. If information is missing or is unclear, the MC is responsible to obtain that information in order to make an informed and accurate decision on whether to approve or deny the applicant.

Those who apply for co-membership status must also submit their application for the same approval process through the MC. It is the responsibility of the MC members to adhere to the criteria set forth in the Membership Policy and to corporate policy. When members have a change in status (phone number, add/delete an occupant, emergency contact change, etc.) they are to complete a census form to reflect these changes. Members who request a transfer to another unit must also be approved. These forms are carefully reviewed by the MC to be certain that the members are still within the guidelines of Holliday Park’s policies.

Another important task of the MC is conflict resolution. Members with questions and complaints regarding the actions of others contact the MC in writing. Handling these issues requires a lot of sensitivity, strict adherence to policy, and an ability to see all sides of the complaint. MC members research the issues, and brainstorm for ideas on ways to resolve the problem.

Again, confidentiality is extremely important. Only the Chairperson of the MC is aware of the complainant. Sometimes a letter to the offending member will suffice. Other times a meeting is required. The Committee is charged with finding resolutions that are satisfactory to all concerned. If this is not possible, revocation of membership is discussed and an advisory letter is sent to the MC Liaison and Board Members for their consideration. The MC members realize the seriousness of this action and work hard in attempts to resolve the issues.

The work of this special committee is handled with the utmost discretion and is largely unrecognized by the general membership. MC members do not seek recognition, but are satisfied to be of selfless service to the cooperative for the overall good of the corporation and peaceful coexistence of all the members.


Membership Committee Chairperson,