The geographical area where Holliday Park was built has an interesting history. The land was first inhabited in the early 1800’s by the Pottawatomi and Algonquian Indians. One of the Pottawatomi tribal leaders, Chief Tonquish, was buried in the general area of Holliday Park Townehouses.

In the late 1970’s, one of our members requested the State of Michigan to erect a monument in honor of Chief Tonquish on a section of land just outside the fence line of Holliday Park, paralleling Wayne Road. Today, if you drive north on Wayne Road, you will see a green plague, about 5 feet high, as an historical landmark dedicated to Chief Tonquish.

The next inhabitants in our area were the fur traders, who probably traveled south from Canada. The surrounding Great Lakes, the Detroit River, and the Rouge River provided an opportunity for the early explorers to do a lot of fishing. The wooded areas were rich in hunting. These resources helped the early settlers to survive and flourish.

Later, other pioneers braved the weather and harsh conditions, and settled in the areas that became known as Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Garden City, and Nankin Township — where Holliday Park stands today. Around 1966, the Council Members of Nankin Township petitioned for Nankin Township to be incorporated into a city, named Westland.

Today, Westland is a thriving city of approximately 83,000 citizens, with churches of all denominations, thriving shopping malls, a variety of industries, and many restaurants.

Lucky for us, the builders, Kaufman and Broad, decided to erect a cooperative townehouse complex in Westland. The parcel of land they chose is surrounded by the Rouge River and Nature Preserves on two sides of the housing complex. These surroundings are a perfect setting for our 694-townhouse complex, Holliday Park.

Today, a safe, sound, and secure financial status has led us to complete solvency. There is no longer a mortgage on the property. Holliday Park continues to thrive.

Won’t you consider joining us, in this vibrant and successful cooperative, and experience the beauty and countless opportunities that we offer at Holliday Park, for yourself.