Committee Meeting

Committee Meeting

The Membership Committee (MC) is an important volunteer group at Holliday Park. It plays a vital role in our community. There are currently seven Committee members with one alternate. Members who serve on this Committee are specifically chosen for their ethical standards and their consideration of others. They value the importance of confidentiality. They also realize the importance of their duties and how their decisions impact people (both members and applicants). Those who function well on this committee are persons who exercise good judgment and follow co-op policies in their own lives.

The Committee is charged with several important tasks. Applications received from those who are interested in purchasing a unit at Holliday Park are directed to the MC. The Committee members carefully review the applications for completeness and eligibility. There is group discussion for consensus. If information is missing or is unclear, the MC is responsible to obtain that information in order to make an informed and accurate decision on whether to approve or deny the applicant.

Those who apply for co-membership status must also submit their application for the same approval process through the MC. It is the responsibility of the MC members to adhere to the criteria set forth in the Membership Policy and to corporate policy. When members have a change in status (phone number, add/delete an occupant, emergency contact change, etc.) they are to complete a census form to reflect these changes. Members who request a transfer to another unit must also be approved. These forms are carefully reviewed by the MC to be certain that the members are still within the guidelines of Holliday Park’s policies.

Another important task of the MC is conflict resolution. Members with questions and complaints regarding the actions of others contact the MC in writing. Handling these issues requires a lot of sensitivity, strict adherence to policy, and an ability to see all sides of the complaint. MC members research the issues, and brainstorm for ideas on ways to resolve the problem.

Again, confidentiality is extremely important. Only the Chairperson of the MC is aware of the complainant. Sometimes a letter to the offending member will suffice. Other times a meeting is required. The Committee is charged with finding resolutions that are satisfactory to all concerned. If this is not possible, revocation of membership is discussed and an advisory letter is sent to the MC Liaison and Board Members for their consideration. The MC members realize the seriousness of this action and work hard in attempts to resolve the issues.

The work of this special committee is handled with the utmost discretion and is largely unrecognized by the general membership. MC members do not seek recognition, but are satisfied to be of selfless service to the cooperative for the overall good of the corporation and peaceful coexistence of all the members.


Membership Committee Chairperson,

It's All in the Bag

It’s been several months since the idea to market Holliday Park with eco-friendly, reusable, imprinted tote bags was first discussed by the Marketing Committee, and the search was started to find a company from whom we could purchase the bags for a reasonable price without having to order thousands. It took awhile, but a company was finally found. However, we soon discovered that what we wanted to print on the bags wasn’t going to fit the narrow rectangular template that the company required us to use.

Our committee gathered again to brain storm and create several more phrases that promote the cooperative and also might meet the necessary space requirements, but these phrases too, did not fit the template. Thankfully, a few days later I received a call from a member who was part of the group working on the project. She told me that she had trouble sleeping one night and the phrase, “Love Living Here” came to her. The feedback from the other committee members was that they all really liked the wording. It was a winner because within that simply terminology was the essence of how members feel about our community. Yes, we now had a working phrase to express our feelings in a few words, but again it wouldn’t fit the bag company’s template. How were we going to get past this last hurdle? This frustrating scenario was now the only daunting obstacle between our success and failure in our attempt to inform the public about co-op life and direct them to our web site, via these conversation starting (marketing) bags.

That’s when I got the call that changed everything. One of the committee member’s granddaughter had purchased a silk screening machine and was willing to let us use it. She even offered to create the stencil for our phrase, which takes patience and skill. Plus, she was willing to help with the printing process and share tips and tricks that keep the paint from smudging, and taping techniques to hold the stencil firmly. Finally, everything was falling into place.

The stencil she created was amazing! She made the O in Love a heart and tweaked the word “Living” which became “Livin”. Her creativity was another gift to us.

Now, could we get the bags done in time for our huge Walk About Yard Sale that was scheduled just over one week away? The blank bags were ordered according to the committee specifications in a small size; and the color we chose was a shade of beige which closely matched the color of the siding on the co-op units, to tie in with the colors of our community.

The bags arrived on Friday, and everyone was able to meet on the following Tuesday to see how to do the printing process, and get started. More volunteers joined in, and we screen printed the bags Tuesday night. That Saturday at the Walk About Yard Sale our bags sold out completely in 30 minutes.

This depiction is about more than just engaging in the process of making printed thought provoking bags that celebrate our co-op community. It’s about all those generous and dedicated volunteers, behind the bags, who joined the Marketing Committee to do the work it takes to get the word out about the place where they live economically and very happily. These good people wanted to express their true affection for Holliday Park and the lifestyle it affords everyone. They put their energies into this task, and for months, they gave of their time and talent to come together and make it happen with a dedication which was truly heartfelt.

The story of the bags is just one story about how the members of Holliday Park have come together over the years to make something good happen. Whether that something was to improve or promote our community, strengthen community spirit, engage in cost-cutting committee work, reducing overhead and keeping carrying charges low, or to plan Welcome and Thank You Dinners for all new members and fellow volunteers; members have come together, again and again to get the job done.

These activities have done more than improve and enrich Holliday Park. They have created many wonderful memories for the members involved and their extended families. Plus, many long lasting friendships have been forged because the people of the cooperative did and do to this day, their share of the work it takes to be a viable community. They do this because they truly LOVE LIVIN’ HERE!!