Part 3 -  Places of the Holiday Heart

Part 3 – Places of the Holiday Heart

As we have written on our facebook page :, in February and August of 2012, dear readers, on this blog under our “ Two Favorite Places” and “Destination Enlightenment” series posts, Parts One and Two, we bravely shared our own personal itineraries of the very unique and totally delightful attractions that are close to the co-op, but that share their own kinds of cultural, historic, artistic, culinary and even adventurous experiences. YOLO entries..suggested for you to consider.

As Winter Begins and long cold evenings have settled in upon us, its a great time to share Part Three: “Special Places of the Heart at the Holidays” along with our wish that you make priceless memories now to enhance your happiness.

1 The Henry Ford…(still calling it Greenfield Village) at Christmas is waiting for all of us with candle lit paths, old Model T car rides…costumed strolling carolers, live reindeer and Santa (on Dec. 23) and much more… less than 20 minutes away …at 20900 Oakwood Blvd, in Dearborn.

2  On your way downtown (an easy 30 minute commute ) to see WAR HORSE at the Fisher Theater…stop in at Michael Symon’s Roast,a very popular restaurant on the street level of the Westin Book Cadillac at the corner of Washington Boulevard and State Street. The 200-seat restaurant has fabulous food and is ranked 7th out of nearly 1000 restaurants in the metro area. Many Holliday Park members who frequent this dining destination recommend the oh-so-delish New York strip steak and the Brussels Sprouts which are mouth-wateringly good. The menu is very all-inclusive and you can indulge yourself in an atmosphere that is so “downtown” and stimulating. All sides dishes are hugely proportioned, so if it’s dinner for two, we suggest that you order only one side dish. Roast is available for Christmas dinner too! Yummy!!

Finally, for our readers who wait all year for the beautiful white stuff and the feel of “village life, Michigan style”…

3  In Holly, Mi., about 45 minutes from the cooperative, the historic and enchanting old Holly Hotel hosts several holiday events in December, including a traditional 12-course dinner on the 12 Days of Christmas going on now through 12/23) for $89 per person. The hotel also hosts a special Christmas Cheer Tea, Christmas Eve dinner (12/24), Boxing Day dinner (12/26), and A Cup of Christmas Tea Luncheon (12/27).The skiing at Mt. Holly Ski and Snow Board resort is stellar fun for the whole family with 7 chair lifts, including Mach 1 Express super speedy lift, Beginner hills and everything in between. You’ll find it at 13536 Dixie Hwy, in Groveland Township.

Let the chilled air and wintry winds of the season find you either safe, cozy and warm in the company of those your treasure, or happily embracing these challenging, beautiful and glistening days and frosty nights.

Mackinaw Bridge Walk

When you share the “joy” of moments that are special, you build a bridge of kinship with other sharers that is the connection to friendship and understanding, like no other.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons that the Holliday Park Travel Club offers its members a chance to take a deluxe motorcoach trip for 2 days & one night at summer’s end, to visit Sault Ste. Marie and St. Ignace, MI, for Casino fun, sightseeing, shopping (specially in downtown Mackinaw City) and a great nights sleep at the Kewadin Casino Hotel in the fabulous fresh air.

Not only is this tour a scenic, economical and tour-guide directed adventure; on the second day, September 2, at 7:00 a.m., the 56th Mackinac BRIDGE WALK gets underway. You don’t have to participate in the walk, of course. You can just people watch, mingle and take photos of the vistas and the amazing architecture of this beautiful man-made structure.

This is a chance to meet new people from destinations you’ve only read about or imagined. It’s an opportunity to join with other HP members, family, friends and others to engage in an experience that celebrates the ingenuity of the human spirit.

Participants share their still unwritten stories as they take this walk. Some will come in commemoration of having survived life threatening illness, others are there for a “bucket list” scratch-off, or just because they love the state of Michigan and the connection of the two peninsulas.

Some students of human nature say that in visiting a bridge one gets the best perspective not only of the earth they stand on, but of which bridge to cross and which to burn.

Taking this Mackinac Bridge Walk Tour is just another fabulous experience offered by this cooperative to it’s members and the significant people in their lives for enrichment, fun, laughter, happiness and yes, those memory-making moments that give life lasting richness and profound meaning.

Be there members, and if you haven’t gotten your Holliday Park Cooperative membership yet, stop by Saturday Greeters and find out about all what you are missing (11 -1:00 p.m.) most weekends.


Yes, dear readers, it’s “warm & sunny” once again at Holliday Park and for those who know and those who have just joined us or are about to shortly, every kind of activity awaits. Tennis anyone? Our courts are ready for you. Do those lush green golf courses beckon? Our Golfing Club is more than ready to tee up and go clubbing out on the fairways.

Thanks to a great central location, this cooperative is merely a short drive from community theater in Canton, “Free” Outdoor concerts of both classical and pop music, Thursdays and Friday nights in Plymouth, every kind of Farmers Market, huge craft and open-air art fairs in Livonia, Farmington and Ann Arbor, and so much more.

You’ll note on the Marque, at the island entrance, that the first Pool Party of the season is a “family event” and the tickets are sold out. More planned activities will follow, so keep watching to stay informed. Remember that the pool is not only huge, it’s heated and fabulous. An adult party will be advertised shortly. You can always bring your family, neighbors, extended family, and friends, along with your activities pass, pool noodle, great reads on your e-reading tool, or hey a book with actual pages, sun-shield hats, and comfy beach towels and socialize at poolside, daily into evening. The cool and shady elements for picnicking and pondering cloud shapes await near poolside, as well.

Biking and hiking at Edward Hines parks near by, or wandering the 500 acre William P. Holliday Wildlife and Nature Preserve which borders the cooperative, offer members hours of satisfying communing with nature, up close and touchable.

Whatever you do as you “enjoy the sun’s full dazzle” as Walt Whitman wrote, this socially well-oriented life style that is Holliday Park Townhouses Cooperative, is in full summer celebratory mode. Drive by whenever to hear the sounds of laughter, splashes of water, and general merriment that this lovely, mortgage-free, economical and well-maintained community is offering up for your enrichment and happiness.

The members of Holliday Park, along with other grateful citizens of Westland, send our prayers out to the family of first-responder, firefighter Brian Woehlke, 29, who lost his life on May 8, fighting a fire in town. His sacrifice will not be forgotten!

What can we do for Brian’s family to show our loving support?  Please go to our Facebook Page and leave your thoughts, prayers and ideas everyone. This act of valor, this gift of the ultimate sacrifice which Brian made, must be the catalyst for us to build on, and help those who now mourn.

Added note:

The Western Wayne Fire Fighters Local 1279 is accepting donations for Firefighter Brian Woehlke’s wife Jennifer and 13-month old daughter Ava. Monetary donations can be sent to the Westland Fire Fighters Charity, P.O. Box 851320, Westland MI 48185 for the Woehlke family or at any of the five Wayne-Westland Fire stations.

For more on making donations to benefit the Woehlke family, call Station 1 at (734) 721-2001.

Art from the DIA for You

Art from the DIA for You

Savvy prospective home buyers often make a viable list of the their own unique needs and those of their families, and then make the conscious effort to meet and hopefully exceed their own expectations in order to secure the opportunity to have: comfort, safety, economic stability, a great location, educational opportunities, social and religious interactions and as many cultural amenities as possible for an enriched lifestyle.

The Holliday Park web site blog has over 138 posts available for your perusal to discuss cooperative life and extol the virtues of the HP community and the City of Westland, in which it thrives.

Thanks largely to Mayor William R. Wild and his staff, along with a strong city council and involved a very involved citizenry, this city offers all those amenities listed above and much more. You can familiarize yourself with our city by visiting their facebook page, City of Westland, or by perusing the web site or reading their Insider e-Version news at

Here you will find out about the city’s solvency and how they continue to keep a balanced budget, which is excellent, our plans for continued quality of life through “Green Programs”, academic achievement through great schools, arts and leisure opportunities for all ages, and numerous other stellar programs for exceeding your list of wants and needs.

Mayor Wild has just announced that the City of Westland has been named as one of several communities that will be participating in the Detroit Institute of Art’s Inside/Out Program, which will bring high-quality reproductions of masterpieces from the DIA’s collection to the streets and parks of metro Detroit and the suburbs.

Westland has been given the opportunity to showcase six reproductions, from such renowned artists as John Randall Brett, Carolus-Duran, Edwart Collyer, and three others.

The Mayor said, “We are extremely excited to be a part of this great program. Not only are we able to display beautiful works of art to the residents and visitors of Westland, but we are able to participate in a program that will bring awareness to our community and of one of Southeast Michigan’s greatest assets, the Detroit Institute of Arts.”

The placement, addresses and everything you need to know about this Inside/Out Program is now featured on an interactive map on the DIA’s website at

Checking with the DIA’s page will tell you exactly where to view these works of art in our community: at City Hall, The William P. Faust Library, Tattan Park, MJR Westland Grand Cinema, Westland Charhouse and Historic Village Park. The addresses are posted on the page.

 This is just one example of the priceless amenities you’ll find available in the City of Westland. If you stop by Holliday Park Townhouses Cooperative for Saturday Greeters, at the Clubhouse, from 11 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., we’ll be happy to share with you, all the information you seek about the lifestyle choices cooperative living affords and what the City offers every citizen and guest to our forward-thinking, fun loving and viable community.


Anne’s handmade Bat House

Holliday Park, along with the city and DTE Energy, keeps making an effort to get “greener” as we try to reduce our carbon footprint and the use of pesticides to control mosquitos and other problematic insects in and near our community. Co-op Member Phil Crookshank had recommended the construction of bat housing to naturally reduce the insect population at and near our neighboring nature preserve, while giving shelter to one of a number of the protected species of bats that inhabit southeast Michigan.

Anne Wampler, a student from the International Academy in Bloomfield Hills had built several bat houses for a school project and contacted DTE Energy offering to donate them. Roberta Urbani, an Environmental Planner from DTE’s community outreach program, put HP’s Jean Kearney, a member of the Board of Directors, in touch with Anne. DTE also agreed to install the bat houses on their utility poles on Wildwood, a city street that intersects with the cooperative.

Anne was kind enough to make a presentation for our members at our Input meeting on February 11. She brought the bat houses, and explained their relevance as a natural habitat for the species of brown bats that resides within the nature reserve; and their positive impact on the environment as natural insect control. Anne had constructed a very detailed display board which was concise and informative. She explained that bats are essential to the health of our natural world. They help control pests, yet these wonderfully diverse and beneficial creatures are among the least studied and most misunderstood of animals. Bats are mammals, not rodents, and many species are now endangered by an increasingly scarce number of trees, their natural nesting choice. The audience asked questions and Anne provided excellent answers.

Thanks to environmentally responsible co-op members, DTE Energy’s valuable program, and highly motivated, talented, generous and wise students, like Anne, the brown bats will happily and safely reside in their new homes and will continue natures natural balance for the nature preserve, and the community.

Our grateful thanks to these exemplary people, and the DTE Program for being proactive, hands-on and involved.






Winter View at HP

Winter View at HP

I’m not against seeking warmer climates when winter arrives and I’ve been known to do so for a couple of weeks during the winter. My friends know that I don’t need snow for Christmas (it was in the desert, remember) but on the whole, I really enjoy and take advantage of the seasonal weather changes.

I appreciate the beautiful sparkle that a snow fall gives the landscape. There is also an insulation factor to it. Ever notice how quiet a snow fall makes things. I love the contentment that I feel when snow is on the ground and I’m curled up with a soft throw, reading a great book. Reading on the beach or patio doesn’t even come close to giving me the same feeling.

Then there are the aromas of all the comfort foods that get prepared during this season. Stews and soups are never thought about in the warmer weather, but oh how great it is to have something wonderful simmering on the stove or baking in the oven. The aroma of beef stew, chicken soup cooking and fresh bread or cookies baking are some of the best room air fresheners in the world, and what they do for me…there are no words to describe .

You change from some weeding and shrub trimming to a little snow shoveling in Holliday Park, very little actually, just the snow accumulation that winds place deftly on your porch and the strip of walkway leading to the main sidewalk. This is never really a heavy task. Our main sidewalks get cleared and the parking lots and streets get plowed. Snow removal here is not a problem.

Of course, when I was younger, I ice skated and did some fully engaged sledding, but now I channel my enthusiasm for the crisp air and exercise into taking the grandchildren to a hill in the nature center or to a rink. I love watching their delight in these activities and then we hurry back home for hot chocolate and some of those aforementioned homemade cookies.

When the weather is warm and beautiful outside, who wants to be in the basement working on all those things you have been shoving down there, just to get them out of the way. But with temperatures low or clouds hiding the sun, I have no guilt about how I should be somewhere else as I sort, separate, and box up all those things that require my attention. Charity organizations benefit and with one trip to the recycling center, my basement is clean and organized for another year. Then, guilt free, I’m able to enjoy being in hibernation mode and challenged by the big jigsaw puzzle on the game table, quilting or sewing, or any other of my tactile and interesting activities that require a space indoors. Sometimes friends join in and many a friendship has grown stronger with time shared as we tackle these activities in this bright and cozy atmosphere.

I also find that winter is the perfect time to clean my kitchen cupboards. My goal is two-fold: gather and wash all the unused dishes and glassware in preparation for future use, either domestic or festive and secondly, to restock my stash of culinary spices to ensure that this cook’s efforts remain savory and tasty in every season. Not trying to say that winter is all work, but if you are going to be inside more, it is the best time for completing projects both great and small. There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment that settles in when short daylight hours are wisely invested in the those tasks that, when attended, maintain the comfortable yet energetic flow of daily living.

Winter brings for me a change in attitude, activities, and feelings. I can’t say that I never complain about it being too cold, or wonder when the snow is going to melt, but all and all, growing up in an area that has four seasons (no matter how unevenly distributed), has made me appreciate having that change. Change in landscape, activities, aromas, interests and feelings is a good thing in my book, and I would never want to leave it.



Winter Style

Winter Style

Every season has its own persona, and winter’s is often multifaceted with plummeting temperatures, and days when the span of light seems too short to contemplate. Other days are sun-lit and glistening. The crisp, clean air is a joy to experience and it feels tingly, even invigorating against your cheek as you hurry to gather with friends and family at the clubhouse or within the warmth of your own cozy home.

At our co-op many members enjoy the start of winter and the holiday lights of course, along the winding, nearby Edward Hines Parkway, throughout the city, or within the complex itself.

Still winter continues on after the celebrations have been embraced and the need for self-expression is a constant in HP’s thriving community. This is why you’ll find the “touches of whimsy” we call “Winter – Holliday Park Style” sprinkled here and there via: snowman door-greeter faces, gatherings of greenery arranged in pots and other vessels, heart-shaped signs offering thoughts of the coming Valentines event, and ” wreaths of welcome” festooned with snowball likenesses…pods, pepper berries, pine cones and other elements that the nature preserve offers in great abundance, thanks to winter’s brisk winds.

Since Holliday Park borders the nature preserve on three sides, a panoramic view of the meandering, nearby tributary of the Rouge river is close at hand. It is beautiful beyond words in every kind of winter light, fog, snowfall and even freezing condensation. The peacefulness of this setting is wondrous and contagious.

Words are chosen here to inform, entertain and enlighten of course, but a few pictures of the co-ops winter “look”, provided by members, mother nature and the William P. Holliday Forest and Wildlife Nature Preserve might just add an extra dimension of winter’s beauty. Remember too, the cold that stirs your heart and chills your bones in winter can also be the inspiration for more “human warmth and kindness” than any other season of the year.

You are welcome to visit the Saturday Greeters from 11a.m. – 1 p.m., if you would like to know more about cooperative life and the “Open” Waiting List.



Recently, a blog was written to let new members and those who are considering the purchase of a membership, shortly, know exactly why volunteering is so essential to the economic stability of the community. It was an overview and brief description of exactly what kinds of qualifications an individual must possess (mostly just life experience and a willingness to work with others) in order to perform tasks which aid in the day-to-day operations or enhance the quality of co-op life, while saving corporation dollars and keeping carrying charges low.

What was not covered in that blog was specific examples of the kind of multi-tasking that many of our volunteers do, year after year. Holliday Park is very blessed to have among its 694 families, people who take commitment very seriously, and although a number of these people still work, they “make-the-time” to do their share, and then some!

For instance, one very special person, has served on the Membership committee for more than ten years, and also drives for Night Patrol three times a year, and gives up her Saturday Mornings to be a Greeter and explain the cooperative lifestyle to all the visitors who stop by the Clubhouse. She is willing to take phone calls from interested people who grab a brochure or visit the web site or Facebook, but have specific questions to ask about unit styles, covered parking, and other interesting topics.

She also has a huge family and extended family to embrace and they make it a habit of constantly gathering for any and every reason just to be with her because: she is perpetually engaged in interesting projects, learning new skills, baking the perfect birthday cake in a new shape and flavor, crafting hand-made note cards for loved ones and friends and all of this gets done while she maintains a fabulous relationship with her husband of many years.

Two other Volunteers who drive for Night Patrol, also co-chair the Travel Club and spend many hours perusing the tour companies to get great rates on trips to unique destinations, so that the many members who love to broaden their cultural experiences, can do so regularly if they wish. Both Travel Club chairpersons shop the net and other sources they’ve established to find the cruise lines etc., which frugally offer fabulous trips to see everything from Canadian Casino Night, to the latest excursion to the Pacific Northwest, Oregon Coast and Yosemite. A trip to New York City for a week to see plays and much more, is planned for mid-2013, and they are in the process of gathering interest for an up-coming trip to either Southern Italy and Sicily or possibly Scotland and Wales.

One of these volunteer Co-Chairperson’s works long hours in the heart of metro-Detroit, and the other is fully engaged in many community activities outside the cooperative, along with spending quality time with family, and many friends. Over the history of Holliday Park, the lucky residents have traveled to well over 140 countries, not to mention trips from coast to coast in the USA. The friendships and memories made on those trips draw members closer together as a thriving community.

Lastly, and I say that because I’m trying to keep the blog shorter, when actually my list of volunteers to mention is pooling on the floor under my desk; one intrepid volunteer took on the task of being Chairperson for the Grounds Committee. This is a huge job because the hundreds of units all have to follow specific guidelines with regard to gardening, decorating their exterior space, and other procedures that help maintain a beautiful environment where many members live in close proximity. This chairperson re-wrote the “how-to guide” and prepared numerous copies, one for each committee member, to have as a reference for their three walks each year.

While still working full time, this volunteer met with the group of volunteers and scheduled the walks, answered questions and then processed any reported violation, with follow up visits to see where problems were occurring, for accuracy and to clarify with any member, where improvements could be made. Often phone calls, visits to units, and Clubhouse time are needed to handle this work, and this busy person was already working a full time job.

Not long after recruiting more volunteers and getting everyone up to speed on the Grounds Committee process, this multi-tasker, when asked to be a Board Member while maintaining the Grounds Committee work, stepped up, said yes, and immediately began learning board business. The post came with an added “marketing” responsibility for the Cooperative including the administration of the Holliday Park web site as well.

Ironically, this new Board Member had decided to retire from working, and that word is defined online as “leave one’s job and cease to work”. The long career was ended, however the work did not cease…etc…because a Saturday Greeter’s Group was forming to educate the public about co-op life, and needed an administrative Chair to oversee this new process, in addition to all that has been mentioned above.

How does it all get done you might ask? This person leaves nothing out and manages to: attend club gatherings, enjoy a love of being creative with a paint brush and various design ideas around the unit, take trips to interesting destinations, enjoy local cultural events with friends and occasionally make it to Monday Koffee Klatch and Travel Club events.

Doing all these tasks for years now, this dedicated volunteer even added a Facebook page to the many marketing tools employed in order for YOU, dear reader, to know about Holliday Park and consider finding a “perfect fit” unit in order to join this stellar community.

In conclusion, if you’re new to Holliday Park, or if you’ve lived here for awhile but haven’t decided how to volunteer and in what capacity, please do your part. Many of these tasks are a lot of fun, and give you a chance to meet great people, save the cooperative money and put your life skills to work in wonderful ways.

** Lot Representatives are needed in a few areas, and you can contact the Chairperson from Traffic & Safety in order to join. Her number is in your Holliday Park Phone Book or Status Quo Board Newsletter.

The Grounds Committee and Night Patrol can always use volunteers as well. The chairpersons of the committees are people with a willingness to be “co-operative” and join others in keeping costs and carrying charges low while maintaining a wonderful place to live.



If you’ve been wondering why your income isn’t stretching to meet the rising costs of living, the National Bureau of Statistics recently stated that “ even though inflation rates are falling, wages now lag behind the actual amount of expense it takes to meet the standard of living you’ve been maintaining.” Many of us have faced wage freezes, lay-offs, or we’re working longer hours but not getting fair compensation, raises, or over-time.

Perhaps the cooperative lifestyle, is now more than ever… the “perfect housing choice” for such beleaguered economic times.

At Holliday Park, members are asked now more than ever, how a non-profit cooperative can maintain its infrastructure, and continue to provide for the needs of it’s membership without raising carrying charges. After the initial amount of equity is paid to a departing member for their share or membership at the cooperative, the low carrying charges ($231-$343 depending on the unit style you choose) allow members to be able save a greater portion of their income each month, invest the funds, or pursue the lifestyle that they feel is fulfilling and enriching.

The low carrying charges are possible because of a fundamental truth. Cooperative life is defined by the volunteerism of the members. The work that is done by the dedicated, enthusiastic, smart and fully engaged people who populate this wonderful place, reduces the overhead that must be paid to maintain all of the units, the clubhouse and pool, pay a staff, Property Manager and Maintenance crew, along with all of the other bills that are generated when property is owned. Without our volunteers, no matter how frugal the property manager and Board of Directors are, with overtime and the escalating costs of everything, carrying charges would have to be increased. In our history, which spans 40 years, these charges have rarely increased. In fact they have at times been reduced.

What is required of a volunteer at Holliday Park? Each member of the community can serve in a number of ways. Everyone brings their valuable life experience to this process and picks from three distinct groups of volunteer work.

A Member may choose to volunteer by campaigning for a position on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Submitting a resume for the purpose of being elected to be one of the 7 – Member Board of Directors isn’t difficult. An election is held in May of each year. The job description for this work can be daunting as the team of 7 are ultimately responsible for the financial stability of the Co-op along with maintaining and enforcing the policies and procedures contained in the By-Laws of the corporation. Board members must: create and follow a budget for each fiscal year that keeps a specific amount of funds held aside as Reserves, work in tandem with the Property Manager to anticipate and meet the needs of the 694 units, enforce policies that keep peaceful coexistence constant, and whenever possible, get the greatest value for every dollar spent in this effort.

The Holliday Park Board meets once a month officially, but also conducts work shops when necessary, to gather the facts and pertinent information which are necessary in order to make wise choices in areas that are beyond their expertise. Within the last seven years new furnaces, vinyl siding, roofing and extra insulation have been implemented throughout the co-op, and a plan is in place to save for new eco-friendly windows in the near future.

A second way to serve the community is by volunteering to do Committee Work. Committees are formed to help with the clerical work, enforce policies and procedures within the community, maintain the grounds to specific standards set by the By-Laws, assist with the publishing of the quarterly Board Newsletter, welcome new residents, and from time to time perform “ad hoc” work whenever the Board needs to have fact finding and research done. Each of these tasks saves the cooperative from having to hire help. Therefore many thousands of wage/dollars are saved. The cooperative is Mortgage Free due to the diligence and excellent efforts of many loyal and committed volunteers.

The Membership Committee is presided over by a Chairperson, with assistance from a Board Member liaison. These volunteers process the applications which are received by the Office, and follow a specific set of guidelines to specify that all qualifications are met and approved before an interested person can be approved for the Active Waiting List.

The Buildings & Grounds Committee was formed to keep the cooperative looking its very best. Guidelines (policies) have been established that have been very successful in maintaining rules that allow for both creativity and order. Volunteers do three walks a year, each in a designated area, and carry a check list of policies which are fair for everyone. Every shareholder has a MEMBER HANDBOOK with all policies and procedures clearly stated. Volunteers get to see all the beauty of Holliday Park and do their part to maintain it.

The Status Quo Committee receives informative articles submitted by Board Members, the Property Manager and committee chairpersons for each members perusal. This information is then compiled, typed, edited, copied, collated, stapled and delivered, four times a year to all 694 members.

The Finance Committee works with the Property Manager and a Board Liaison to ensure that every dollar is stretched to the maximum. They use their skills to find cost cutting initiatives wherever possible, and take a second look at expenditures in order to ensure accuracy and strictly follow the annual budget.

Night Patrol has a very large number of volunteers. Rather than hiring a security guard and paying many thousands of dollars, a team of two people drive through the cooperative nightly, (each team completes a total of three turns a year) to ensure the safety of the residents and report any problems to the Police Department.

Community Watch is very active at Holliday Park. The Chairperson encourages all co-op members to be very aware of the activities that occur within their area of the co-op, and report suspicious conduct to the Police.

The Traffic & Safety Committee is another large team with about 30 members. The Chairperson keeps a list of all the volunteer Lot Representatives for every designated parking lot area in the community and informs them of new move in/outs. Each Lot Rep keeps accurate records about the vehicles that park in their designated areas and the Identification Tag Numbers of those vehicles.

The Welcoming Group consists of one friendly member from each parking lot. This person is contacted by one of two Co-Chairpersons when a new member is about to move in. Each welcomer offers not only a friendly greeting, but also a well thought out compilation of necessary information and phone numbers which will help new members get acclimated to co-op life.

The Pet Committee Chairperson ensures that every pet in the co-op is registered and healthy with documentation for all shots and licenses. They are the “go-to” person for pet related problems.

The Election Committee gathers every spring to carefully follow the policies and procedures of the corporation to conduct fair and equitable elections of the Board Members. A member may vote by mail-in ballot, in person, or by proxy, and privacy is strictly maintained throughout the process. Meetings are held to properly train all election committee volunteers, and challengers are selected to ensure fairness and accuracy. The greatest scrutiny is placed on this process and the volunteers do an excellent job.

The Pool Pass Committee: A Chairperson, the Board Treasurer, and a number of volunteers gather every year to process all the activity passes for pool usage. Fees are collected over a period of several weeks along with request forms which designate specific types of passes, for families, singles, and guests. The passes are then distributed by the lifeguards on opening day.

Our third and final group of volunteers provide a vital service of a different kind. They are the Chairpersons of the Social Clubs. These volunteers add to the quality of life at the cooperative by offering the varied activities throughout the year which bring us together for fun and friendship. Monday Koffee Klatch is one excellent example. The Chairperson and volunteers, make delicious coffee, and offer fresh fruit and on occasion a pancake breakfast. New members are encouraged to join in, and announcements, information, humor and more are offered. Everyone pitches in to cook and clean up.

Other groups include: Dominoes, Euchre and Pinochle, which gather throughout the year, as well as the Golf Club, themed parties, Pool Parties, the Movie Night Group, Texas Hold Em…childrens’ parties and teen events. All of these opportunities to use our clubhouse, tennis courts, pool and picnic areas, serve the community without costing valuable dollars to have a social coordinator oversee events.

You make a living by what you “get”, but you make a life by what you “give”.
— Winston Churchill

Members who volunteer are not only supporting their community and saving dollars, they are building relationships to value and cherish, as well as, sustaining a lifestyle that allows for every measure of happiness, economic stability and peace of mind. THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!


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