Sustaining an End-Of-Winter State of Mind

Scrumptious Mason Jar Apple Pie

Scrumptious Mason Jar Apple Pie

It’s March, the month of wind & taxes in which no one relaxes, and still the temperatures are a bit daunting. For Michiganders the need to feel nurtured continues. At our co-op, members take a proactive approach to sustaining a positive “end of winter” state-of-mind….

If you venture round the bend at Holliday Park you just might see the steamed windows of a certain Coventry kitchen. This tell-tale sign signals that one of the residents within just might be baking something sumptuous. This particular baker is known to make amazing desserts with flaky crusts and sweet fruity fillings. She is one of those energetic, funny, creative people who volunteers, participates in all kinds of activities and has the innate “need to feed” everyone and make them feel appreciated.

Her Coventry eat-in kitchen has a great window (a steamy one at the moment) which lets in fabulous light and when opened…the scent of delicious-ness, bubbling apple-cinnamon filling today, escapes to the delight of any passers-by. Therefore, lucky family members, neighbors and friends will be hunger-free and feeling oh-so-cozy on this sunny, albeit windy, cold day.

** Perhaps what is the most special ingredient in my post is simply this…our Coventry Kitchen baker puts her talents to work for an even higher purpose every year (actually this is her 5th year). She creates her own version of single-serving Mason jar pies in apple, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, lemon and pecan. She purchases at least 10 dozen little jars, mixes the dough, makes the fruit filling, fills the jars scrupulously, cuts little tops, bakes them on a cookie sheet and…..these little scrumptious offerings are sold at the “Garden City Relay for Life”, coming up in June, for $3 or $4 dollars. All the proceeds go to the Cancer Society.

This Baker has a full life, a loving husband, kids etc., and she along with her sister are Cancer Survivors. She does the footwork (in this case the baking) to be part of the solution to eradicating this devastating disease.

Thank you Coventry Baking lady for all of your selfless efforts for the co-op and the cause. We celebrate you and tell your story in the hope that others will be inspired as we are by what you so quietly do for us all.

See a recipe for Mason jar Pies at this link: